Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It seems like the majority of my blog entries are complaints about my darling husband...I wonder why? The phone rang early this was Light and Power, wondering why they havent recieved a payment in 2 months. I was tired, said I'd pay today and went back to sleep. It didnt occur to me to get angry until the cable company called to tell me that we were scheduled for disconnection tomorrow. Ummm, cable internet..disconnected..season premieres...missed? I dont f**king think so. Both companies have main offices near where hubby's company office is so he figured its just easier to stop in every month with payment...but he hasnt done it! We are set up to pay everything online but one thing got screwed up months ago so he'd prefer not to. I just checked and we have the money but he didnt pay the bills. I am so taking over the bill paying in this house, starting today. I paid online and everything should be fine now, but what kind of person risks losing his wifes cable??? My god that man has a death wish!

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Nuclear Mom said...

During premieres week of all things! He should have each and every toe pinched hard by two year old fingers! Go Abby, get him!