Thursday, September 21, 2006

The kids

First let me say that I am not one of those overprotective psycho moms. Eric came home from school, grabbed a snack and said he was going to V's to play. Fine. Suppertime, I sent Emma across the street to get Eric, they hadnt seen him all day. I called the only other 2 friends in the area, no Eric. He does not go anywhere else, ever. He always lets me know where he'll be, even if its in the next yard. The feeling you get when this happens is indescribable. My heart was in my throat and I'm sure all the color drained from my face. Even Jerry, who is not one to panic, looked scared and jumped in the van. I live on a main road and I'm sure there are nutjobs out there. So many things went through my mind in the 30 minutes it took to find him....alone, at the river in our backyard, fishing. Phew!
Last fall Emma opted not to go back to Girl just wasnt cool. Today, she decided that it is cool again and joined Pathfinders. I love this! All of the girls in Pathfinders were with her in Brownies and Girl Guides for a few years and they are really good kids. It seems like the friends that she's been hanging around with are an awful lot like I was at that age, and that scares me. Hopefully, this new/old crowd will keep her out of trouble.
She is also taking sewing lessons starting next week. My mother is giving classes and Em can go for free provided she helps with the cleanup after each class. Looks like everyone is getting handmade gifts this year for Christmas.
No blog entry would be complete without mention of my youngest, Abby. Damn she is cute and getting cuter every day. She never shuts up, ever. If she isnt talking, she's babbling or singing...and this kid sings everything. Every theme song of all of her favorite shows...when she doesnt know the words, which is quite often, she throws in a lalalalala in the right tune. Its sweet. She knows twinkle twinkle, all of it, and sings it to me every 4 minutes or so. lol. She also loves Chicka chicka boom boom and I am forced to read it to her many times a can I say no? The child is showing an interest in books and I love that.
Still no sign of readiness re: potty training. I'm not even going to bother trying yet because she just isnt ready. I'm waiting for my sis in law to comment on that...should be fun since her 5 year old just got out of pullups last month. I am in no hurry for her to grow up....I'd keep her little forever if I could.
I'll post some recent pics of the little darlings tomorrow or the next day. =o)

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Jay said...

Oh Joey how awful you must have felt to lose him!
I once told my youngest to sit on the bench as I chose my flavour and paid for our ice cream cones at the mall. I meant the ledge about 12 feet away.
He only knew one bench, outside the barber shop, a way down the mall, and he dutifully trucked down the mall and seated himself there. By the time I located him the cops had been called! It makes me ill to think of it even today and you know how old he now is;o)
They say the more peer groups you can give your child theless likely they are to get into trouble becausethey can make choices knowing they have other friends so this seems like a very good move with Emma. I don't envy you these years . I wouldn't want to do them over again.
Abby sounds like a darling ! I love to hear little kids singing :o)