Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's been ages since I posted anything and honestly, I still have nothing of interest to say. I'm counting down the days until I can decorate for Christmas...around here, decorating before Dec. 15 means you are a total whackjob. I can put up the outdoor lights but they cant be turned on...big no no.
This is the first year that Abby will be really interested in whats going on. Last year she only cared for bead garland, this year she is going to flip out when she sees all of the presents and decorations. I cant wait!
Eric still believes in Santa, a little. I know that this will be the last year for believing and after that, I only have to convince him to go along with the farce for Abby's sake. It's sad when they stop believing. He emailed Santa the other day and was giddy when he got his reply. Too cute.
Emma is still being a teenager and that has me very, very concerned. She is still grounded, indefinetly. I wonder if I can keep her in for 5 more years? There is no way that I was like that. =o)

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Karen said...

Hey, wahckjob here. Turn your lights on already! All my neighbours have theirs on. But this whackjob won't put her tree up until next week.