Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I have none. Why is it that when we have some free time, we automatically look for ways to fill it? I have 2 days off so I am making lists of things to get done during that time so that my days off end up busier and more rushed than my workdays. Why cant we just do nothing and relax on days off? I'm trying to adjust my work schedule so that I dont work on the nights that the kids have scouts, pathfinders and kungfu as we only have one vehicle and it makes getting everyone to their destination and back on time quite impossible. I have errands to run on these days too, and any social events must fall on the off days as well. I'm off today...I've done oodles of laundry, have a toddler and a sick 8 yr old at home, I'm heading off to get groceries in a bit so I can come home and cook supper before I head out to a friends fundraiser. Why are they called days off?
Speaking of time. Abby has started saying 'in 5 minutes'. It doesnt matter what I ask or say, her response, 'in 5 minutes mom'. She heard it on a minute rice commercial. =o)

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Nuclear Mom said...

Hee! I love the "in 5 minutes" comment from Abby! Too funny.