Wednesday, April 25, 2007


First let me say that my house is not a pigsty. Really.

Abby has 4 sippy cups. One has been missing for few days so today I decided to search for it. I was afraid that it may have contained milk when it went missing. Ewww. I couldnt find it anywhere and had given up my search when I decided to do Abby's hair. She has a winnie the pooh chest on her dresser that I keep hair bows in. When I opened the lid I almost passed out from the stench...and the sippy cup was found, along with a few other things. A wet old one at that. A soggy, dirty sock belonged to Eric (he fell in the river with this particular sock on many days ago) and 8 Always maxi pad wipes. We just peel the wipe part off of the pad wrapper and toss them (not anymore because I realized I can use them as wet naps for a sticky toddler). It seems the little princess has been taking them from the garbage to add to her collection. When I asked her about it she looked at me with the sweetest face and said proudly, "it's my treasure mommy!"
And yes, the sippy cup contained milk. Nice.

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