Monday, April 16, 2007

I am fat...and other stories.

I have gained a considerable amount of weight in the past few years. After Em was born, my 19 year old body bounced right back. After Eric was born, it took a while longer and I didnt get back to my original weight...but I was at a happy, healthy weight for me. Then, we quit smoking. Hubby and I both gained 50 lbs each! I had half of that gone when I found out that I was pregnant on Abby. After her birth, I lost quite a bit of weight but still have about 30-40 lbs to go to be in my happy place. I know this yet when I get all dressed up to go out, as I did on Sat. night...I think I look good. Not so. lol. I caught glimpses of myself all night and I was disgusted. The kicker though, the one thing that got me off my ass this morning and out for a walk was something someone said to me. A male friend of my sisters, who I hadnt seen in a few years (since I was a skinny smoker) looked at me, did a double take and then said "Hey, where did this come from?" referring to my extra pounds. Yes, he was rude and I should have slapped him but I didnt. I did tell drunk hubby to beat him up...but I was only kidding..sort of.
Saturday nights benefit for my nephew was a success. We raised 4100.00! Still no word on when he is going to Boston but at least now he's ready and just waiting for the call.
My dream dining room table, the one I actually visited and blogged about because I am lame, is not to be. A local store had a big sale on all furniture because they are no longer stocking it so I took my dream table off layaway (it was just about paid for) and bought the cheaper one. I put the remainder of the money on bills. I couldnt justify spending more than I needed to when there are bills to be paid. Oh well, the other is a nice color, seats 6 and matches my other stuff nicely. I also wont freak out when I see the kids at this one as I would have with the other. Maybe I'll get it when Abby is a little older.

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Yay on the fundraiser!