Monday, October 22, 2007


First, let me just say that my email went wonky and I lost the addresses of all of my online friends. If you were one of the 3 to respond to my 'I'm sending you a surprise!' entry...please send me an email with your address. Thanks.
I am exhausted. I have had the last 4 days off. I should be relaxed but I swear I never sat down once during that time. lol. With house projects, kid stuff, everyday errands and preparing for our flea market on Sunday....I'm beat. The flea market was a semi-success. Em raised almost $400 towards her trip and we have yet to count and roll the coins so it'll be closer to $450 I think. She had already saved $425 on her own from babysitting and generous relatives so I am no longer worried about having to fork out 2k just before Christmas. We have a few bigger items to sell (privately) and the recycling hasnt been dropped off yet.
The date. She went on her first 'real' date on Friday night. He took her to a movie and she had a great time. I came home Saturday afternoon and there 'he' was. He's obviously smitten. He worked his little butt off all evening setting up the flea market with us. Seems like a nice kid.
Two friends/coworkers left today for a kidney donation/transplant! These are awesome ladies. L, without even a second thought, offered her kidney to R since it was discovered that they had the same blood type. L has 3 small children and will be off work for 6wks or more. R is 23 and a sweetheart who has dialysis 4 times a week and has never missed even a minute of work. If you are the praying type, throw in an extra one please!

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Nuclear Mom said...

Thoughts and prayers to your coworkers!

Glad to hear the flea market went well and that you survived the first date!