Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just an entry.

I saved Christmas! Ok, so it wasnt in any real danger but I got the ultimate gift for Eric that will surely make his Christmas the best ever. The Ultimate Bumblebee transformer. Sold out everywhere but available, of course, on Ebay. I paid less for the item plus shipping than the regular cost in the Sears Wish Book. I am loving Ebay! Most of my shopping is done and I havent been inside a store yet. I am not dreading the holidays for the first time ever. I might even decorate early to celebrate.
New photo shoot. Notice how there is one kid missing. The teenager just doesnt like to play outside and get her picture taken like the other two. I'll get her, eventually.

Still waiting on the 3 addresses from the previous entry. =o) No address, no prize.


Nuclear Mom said...

Love the pictures! The first one of Abby is gorgeous!

Gertrude said...

Great pictures. I sent you my address yesterday. Let me know if you don't have it.