Friday, October 26, 2007

Wasted years

My nephew was recently 'discharged' from his doctors care. He had been seeing specialists for several years at Sick Children's in Toronto and the last trip left him feeling like finally, something will get done. He was told of an experimental treatment that might help him and he could be done with that, and surgery within the year. It was put off. Doctors never returned calls and we werent given any definete time as to when the treatment would begin. He turned 18 in Aug. and calls were finally returned in the past say that he is no longer a pediatric patient and has to seek other care. No referalls, nothing. He has missed his teenage years completely. His best friends have moved on, gotten jobs, girlfriends, cars etc and he has barely left his room. It's just sad....worse now that he has to go through everything again with new doctors, more money needs to be spent and he'll have more time to worry about whether or not his condition is even fatal. No one knows a thing. As much as I disagree with most aspects of the US medical system, I'm thinking it would be best to head that way and see what can be done.

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Nuclear Mom said...

So very sad. He remains in my thoughts and prayers.