Friday, November 23, 2007

Jo-prah's Favorite Things

Oprah's List


Jo-prah's List.

20. My camera. Love it! http://http//

19. The best truffles in the world!

18. Everyone should collect something. This is one of my favorites from my egg collection.

17. http://http//

16. Chenille socks. No need for a link. They are the best when you live in an old, cold house.

15. Avon Bubble Bath. I'm a fan of the french lilac. http://http//

14. My swiffer. Without it I'd be so sad....and buried in dust bunnies. http://http//

13. Old Navy Jeans. Love these! Need more. http://http//

12. Books. They can be a favorite thing! I dont have a favorite book, I just love to read. Somewhere in this blog is a list of all time favorites, however, it is not complete as I have more favorites all the time. Best book this year : http://http//
Favorite ever: http://http//

11. Rodrigues Wines. Mmmmm. I love the blueberry, strawberry and barrens blend. Just noticed that there is a raspberry and black currant wine....they werent there before. Gotta hit the liquor store asap. http://http//

10. I am fascinated by these things. I remember making my first out of one of my mothers psychology books....that she needed as she was attending university. My bad. I love them still and collect them and any other containment unit disguised as a book. http://http// and http://http//

And now we have reached the halfway point. I'm sure you are all dying to see what else I might add...but you must wait, it is late, and I need my beauty sleep. Ooooh, speaking of beauty...gotta add one more before I hit the sack.

9. Oil of Olay, daily regenerating serum. It's amazing how this stuff makes my face the description says, velvety smooth. Honest. Costs a fortune but I get it on ebay for next to nothing. http://http//

To be continued....

I have returned. Finally. Ok, here goes, the last 8.

8. Funky mirrors. Regular mirrors with funky frames, mosaic mirror art, funky shaped mirrors etc. One of my favorite things is a star shaped mirror over my bed. Love it. Want more.

7. I will have this! I cannot justify the cost right now but someday. Luckily, hubby wants it as badly as I do so I can actually buy it for him as a gift and we'll both be pleased. Maybe next xmas.

6. C'mon, you have to admit this is the awesomest (yep, a word, dont fight it) gift idea for a grandparent ever!
Not just for grandparents either, and there are many variations. Love the whole idea. Must have one.

5. I am so okay with my jewelry being cz. I love this set. I rarely wear my 'real' wedding rings. I want these.

Shoot, kids need me. To be continued..again.

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