Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's 3:45am on New Year's Eve (day if you want to be picky) and here I sit at work. No better time to make a list of resolutions I say!

Get skinny. This is seriously the year for me. I'm willing to try anything and everything, including drugs and if I had the money, lipo. In my closet sits a pile of really good clothes and all of it is just a tad too small. My goal, for now, 25lbs.

Date nights with hubby will be reinstated. Just one night a month, away from the kids. Shouldnt be too hard at all.

Date nights/days with the kids. One day a month each...that's 3 days a month...to spend some one on one time with each kid.

I will learn to be tolerant! I need this, especially when we get new people here at work.

I'm also going to give my appearance a little boost. No more pj's in the middle of the day and definetly no pj's worn outside the house. If I lose weight, I will have more to wear and wont have to live in pj's so this one probably wont come into effect right away. I will try though.

Declutter my house! A room a week...or month...totally decluttered. Many need a good cleaning and painting too. No reason why I cant do all of that since I wont be sitting around eating anymore. =o)

Happy New Year everyone!

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