Monday, January 07, 2008

The cuteness that is Abby

Oh my God. My kid is adorable, seriously adorable. In the past few weeks her speech has just bloomed and she is the sweetest thing. Ok, so sometimes she'll try to beat the snot out of her big brother but most of the time the sweetness comes out. Constantly asking for hugs, kisses, singalongs and stories and she is more pleased with these little things than she was with any of the gifts she got at Christmas. Eric bought her a little penguin teddy bear today which she liked but when I pulled a pair of chenille socks out of my pocket that my sisters kid had outgrown she was over the moon! She did a happy dance and had to put them on right away all the while screaming "I love them, they're booootiful". I took them off when she got into bed because they are too warm but when I went to re-tuck her after she had fallen asleep, she was cuddling them, along with her penguin and blackie (the never leaves her side stuffed cat). Awwwwwww. Cuteness right?

Eric and I had a date on Friday morning. We went to chapters so he could spend his gift cards that he got for Christmas. He loved being there and I loved watching him! Seriously, there is nothing better than seeing just how much your child loves books. It's an awesome feeling. He is the cheapest little bugger I know (gets it from his grandfather..on his dads side) and wont spend any money on anything...while his bank account grows larger than mine. He had $30 in gift cards and didnt flinch when his total came to $65. He even bought a book for me....and when I tried to pay him back he said no.
He also cooked himself..the other day. Chicken cacciatore. I'll have that boy trained yet.
I've been working a lot lately and Jerry's hours have been horrendous so we have had to rely on Emma to watch Abby on quite a few occasions. I hate being that mom. My best friend had to watch her sister all.the.time and it was such a pain that I vowed never to do it to my own kids...ever. But..sometimes you have to. Em does a great job and never complains...ok, so she's a teenager so there is a 'little' bit of complaining but its never very serious.

I'm having one of those "Damn my kids are awesome" weeks....hope it keeps up.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Abby sounds so cute! I am loving this age... well most of it. Leif certainly has his periods of rotten-ness that try me, but much of it is SO very cute.

What an awesome guy Eric is! So neat that he cooked. And good for Emma too.

Your kids rock!