Monday, January 21, 2008

I am sad.

Hubby and I are fighting...actually, not so much fighting as not speaking. We had a huge blow out yesterday afternoon and its been silent ever since. This is one of those situations that we relive every few months...its our biggest relationship issue and it never gets resolved...just sent to the back burner for a while until money becomes an issue again. I want to finish up some projects around the house, put the apartment back the way it was and stick this sucker on the market. The market is great right now and everything in our area is selling..quickly. He wants to fill our empty rooms with boarders to make as much $$$$ as possible in the next few months so that we can actually do things this summer. Hell, I'd love the extra money too but he isnt thinking of anything else..just the money. Where do the boarders come from? All that work and there may be none looking for a place this time of the year. Who will feed them? Clean up after them? My BIGGEST issue is that I leave for work at 4:30 or 6:30 pm depends on the day. He is never home so Em watches the kids until he gets here. Ummm, no way am I leaving my grown up looking girl with a bunch of strange men. He doesnt even see a problem with this?????
There are other issues here too...lots of them...I'd sit down and discuss things with him but we arent speaking.
Damn you NuclearMom!!!!!!!! I am determined to finish a room this month. I was ok with just an area but you had to go and brag about doing a whole room. lol.
I still have more than a week to do this. How hard can it be?


Nuclear Mom said...

Pick an easy room!

Oh and I am with you... boarders? Because you aren't busy enough already? Silly, silly man.

nadinebc said...

I with you too. I think it is asking for trouble.

Jay said...

I'll agree with the others - I was 14 when we had borders and my Mom worked at night - not a good combination- no not a good combination!
I'm sorry you guys are having a rough go at this difficult time.