Monday, January 14, 2008

I love you guys!!!

I have the best friends ever! Some people dont consider them to be 'real' friends as I've never met most of them in person....but real friends they are, and damn good ones. I got a surprise visit today from Karen with a whole pile of goodies from all of my friends on The Rock. Not sure if everything is visible in the pic so I'll list for you.

Flowers....a HUGE bouquet...enough for 2 large vases...and they are gorgeous.

Chicken Penne size, just heat and serve.

Coconut cream pie!

2 magazines...Martha Stewart and Canadian living

2 books...Anita Shreve- A wedding in December and Alice Sebold- The Almost Moon

Lindor chocolate balls! Mmmmm. *Abby loves them. lol*

A get well card. =o)

I keep telling myself that I'm fine..just a little cut and its almost better. I refuse offers of help because thats just the type of person I am. Once I found a vase and arranged the flowers I started to feel woozy and had to lie down for a bit. Maybe sometimes I really do need a hand...having a meal already prepared..and perfect and very much appreciated. Thanks so much! You guys are all awesome.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Karen did a super job in picking things out!

Glad you enjoyed it!