Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blogging at its finest

Ha! Not quite quality writing. Just some updates and stuff.

Abby saw me snarfing down chocolate this morning (breakfast of champions dontcha know) and asked for some....but Mommy had already eaten every bit. Besides, who shares lindor chocolates with a child? What a waste. I spotted Eric's box of spongebob chocolates from valentines day and offered her one...."No way, they're Eric's" she said and ran away. Perhaps he beats her when I'm at work? lol. What kind of kid turns down chocolate, especially when its her brothers. Hell, I would have eaten it all when I was a kid then trash some toys and blame it on my sister. Kid has a lot to learn.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo proud of Emma right now. Will have to update to let everyone know why as it isnt 100% just yet. Let me just say, she rocks.

Yesterday Eric read a book. This is not a surprise but it makes me feel good nonetheless. I took him to chapters where he bought a few and then came home, locked himself in the 'good' living room and read an entire novel in one sitting. He said it was the best book ever. Warm fuzzies.

Anyone looking for professional Abby pics wont see any for a while. Had to cancel the appt as someone fell down and has a few little bruises that will no doubt look ten times worse on film. Will reschedule.


Nuclear Mom said...

We were using Hershey's kisses for rewards on occasion over Christmas. That is until Leif got wind of "Mommy's chocolates". The good Lindt truffles.

I had to find a better hiding place.

Looking forward to hearing about Emma! And gotta love a boy who reads.

Jay said...

Are you sure Abby is a girl?