Monday, May 05, 2008


Talking to my husband is like talking to a shoe, or a rock..pointless. We are getting our house ready to go on the market...hopefully by July. I would love to build a house rather than buy because...
1. Even though I know I cant build my dream home, it'll be closer to what I want than some cookie cutter house.
2. The building lot I want to build on is a bit bigger than a standard lot so I wont be crammed up against my neighbors.
3. We'll save a lot of $$$$. The lot would be very cheap and since hubby, his dad and mine are all handy, we'll be able to do quite a bit on our own.
Make sense? Back to the building lot. Hubby's dad owns a lot of awesome lot (the much coveted one) is in the area I want to live in. I would like hubby to ask his dad to sell him this the family rate of course...but hubby wont do it. He wont consider it at all. He has no problem living in that area, nothing against building vs. buying and I cant beat any other reason out of him as to why he will not ask. Even worse, I am not allowed to ask either. Huh?
He said something about having to make his own way...great, you are not asking for a handout, you are asking someone to sell you something that will be yours someday anyway.
I am getting very frustrated...not because I'm not getting my way (stomp, pout) but because I make freakin' sense! More sense than he does. Doing it my way will save us around 40k. How is this not the more appealing option?

He is trying to convince me that cookie cutter houses in sardine tin subdivisions are the way to go. Less lawn to mow, less house to clean. Never mind the bratty kids, annoying neighbors and NO privacy whatsoever. Those are all minor issues in his mind.

How do I get him to see the light????? (the light being my way. lol)

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Nuclear Mom said...

I am with you. And I like your plan of attack. Like you, we want to buy land and build/design our own home. Or at least find a layout we can modify to our specs.

In our case, the land is the cost prohibitive part given the current state of the mortgage lending business and the lack of Raw land loans available. If you can get land at a greatly reduced rate - you are so far ahead of the game!