Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'll miss this...

Yesterday was a beautiful day weather wise so I spent a good portion of my afternoon reading on the deck. A litter of young rabbits were having a ball running around my house, into the woods, back out again etc etc. One even came up on the deck and sat near my feet...of course taking a pic was not possible because even the slightest movement caused them to dart away. Abby and I spent some time at the river catching trout in a butterfly net (we promptly released them) and we roamed around the yard looking for birds. We spotted this grouse, well actually I spotted it, it was 3 feet in front of the child and she couldnt find it. lol. After all of the exploration, I went back to reading on the deck, where I fell asleep and got a sunburn on my face...not pretty but it'll tan soon enough. Anyway, this just makes me even more against subdivision living. I need my wildlife.

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