Monday, May 19, 2008

A few days in the life... again! I havent been in this many pictures in my life! Who cares if I'm fat, not me. Actually, I think seeing myself in pics is more helpful when it comes to dieting. Perhaps I should have a bikini photo shoot?? lol, Nah, not ready for that yet. Took the kids (minus the teenager who was left at home raking the yard..her choice) to the beach today. We were hoping the bergs would be in a little closer so we could take better pics but it was not to be. They were way out. The weather was beautiful though so just being outside in the fresh air was a treat.

We spent much of the weekend working on the house. I called in sick for work on Sunday but didnt get much 'work' done at home since I was dying. Sat evening and today were productive though. We need to get this place ready to sell and there is A LOT to do...I think we should say screw it and sell as is but hubby wants to squeeze as much $ as possible out of it so we'll work some more. I found the house I want today. It's not built yet but is in the best possible area and I want it. How do you buy a house when you have a house? I need to check into bridge financing. Buying on the condition that ours sells sounds like a good idea but what if mine doesnt sell and I lose the house of my dreams? I dont think I could handle that kind of loss. lol. Hubby and I are planning on sitting down with some people...realtors and the see what our options are.

The teenager surprised me today. She was out with friend and came home with a job application from Tim Horton's (a hugely popular coffee/donut place for my 'merican friends). She's only 15 and wants a job? Whats up with that? Not sure how this will work as I work a lot and need her home to watch Eric and Abby quite often, PLUS hubby has taken on another job as a farmer for much of the summer/fall so he'll be gone all the time. I'm cutting back hours at work so that he can do that but cant cut back any more for her to take on a job. Must.Not.Discourage. I'm hoping that should she be hired, she can just give them my monthly schedule and have her schedule work around me and my days off.

And finally...I have to register my baby for kindergarten in a few days. Nooooooo. She's just a baby for God sake! Why must they grow up so fast. =o(


nadinebc said...

You look GREAT!

Nuclear Mom said...

You look great!

What? Registering Abby for kindergarten?? That is years off isn't it?

Oh and Hans took THE most unflattering pictures of me EVER this past weekend playing with the kids in the sprinklers. Notice there weren't any of me in that grouping of great pictures? Yeah, serious motivation there.