Friday, May 23, 2008


What a difference a day makes.
Yesterday high winds blew our trampoline into the street and cracked it in two. Hubby wanted to put a rush on the house..getting it on the market asap so we can buy something right away. I cut back my hours at work because he'll be working two jobs this summer and someone needs to be home with the kids.
Today the trampoline is fixed. Yay! Hubby WILL ask his father for land to build on but he doesnt want to rush the house..we'll do the work that needs to be done over the next few months and put it up for sale in the fall. I have a lead on another job. I have to talk to someone first because I cant give up my current job as the other one doesnt have health benefits and I'd like to find a way to do both.

Went to the dr. today. Ugh. I have to get my radioactive iodine treatment on July 16th. I go on the 14th and 15th for injections and get admitted on the 16th. For the 2 weeks prior to treatment I have to go on a low iodine diet...holy shit its a harsh diet! lol. It's one of those diets where the list of things you CAN eat is very very short. The list of what I cant eat almost made me cry. No milk, cheese, eggs, dairy products, seafood, salt or salty snacks, restaurant or asian foods, canned foods (soups, sauces, fruit, veggies etc), pizza, convenience foods, white breads, CHOCOLATE...the list goes on and on and on it seems. I can have meat (beef, pork or chicken) but only 4 oz per day and fresh fruits and I wont die but it will be hard, especially since I cant add salt or butter or other good stuff. I have do continue this diet after treatment until my scan...a week later. I hope to God I lose a few lbs..some good has to come of my suffering.
The worst part of this..the part that actually made me tear up in the Doctors office....I have to stay away from small children and pregnant women for 8 days AFTER I get out of the hospital. *sniff* Abby is considered a small child. I dont think I can go that long without my Abby cuddles.


Nuclear Mom said...

Good news on the lot and the house plans.

Brutal though on the preparations for the iodine treatment. How awful - and like you said, worst part of it is staying away from Abby. :-(

nadinebc said...

Cripes Jo, how will you manage that? Are you going to stay with family?

Jo said...

I think I'll get J to take the kids camping on the day I am released...that way I can stay in my own house and have computer access. =o) They'll be having too much fun to realize how long its been since I've seen them.