Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day

One of these years I will spend Mother's Day how I want. I've been saying it for ages now but it'll happen, I know it will. I slept in and the kids stayed quiet...awesome. Woke up to a clean house and presents on the kitchen table (plus 2 very excited kids sitting at the table). I got a lovely set of outdoor flower pots, Body Shoppe white musk perfume, lotion and bath stuff and a cedar bird feeder (plus bird seed) as well as the traditional made in school gifts. I had my tea and toast at the computer while I played scrabulous on facebook and then it was rush time. I had to get myself and Abby ready, force the boy into the shower, find missing articles of clothing and then head out the door to visit the other moms. First though, we had to go shopping to get them something because God Forbid hubby should get them something while he's out shopping for me. No, that would just be too easy. I already had my moms gift. =o) We went to see my mom, his mom and then his grandmother in the nursing home. By the time we got home I was pooped and since I had to work the overnight shift, I went to bed. Just once I'd like everyone to leave me alone and let me veg on Mother's Day. Its MY day right? I'd eat junk food and watch online episodes of the shows I miss during the week and I wouldnt get dressed. Ahhh. Maybe next year. Here are a few pics of my attempt at being in more pictures. I need my roots done. Emma isnt in any of the pics because she spent the day at her other grandmothers house...she managed to avoid helping out around here with the traditional Mommy's Day clean up but I'll hit her with a chore list later. Gotta be fair.

The last pic I just threw in because its cute. Abby has given up daytime naps but she cant make it through the day without dozing, always at suppertime. Luckily the soup was just about gone this time.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Good to see you! You look great!

Love the dozing picture. Leif is also surrendering naptime. He frequently falls asleep in the car though on the drive home when traffic sucks.