Thursday, June 05, 2008

Farewell Grade 9

My little girl is growing up so fast. Here are a few pics from yesterdays grade 9 farewell. She got ready at home and then went to a friends house to meet up with her 'date' and get more pictures. I gave her a list of poses that I wanted and threatened that if she didnt produce, I was going to volunteer to chaperone every.single.high school dance. hee hee. I wouldnt let her take my camera so she had to get friends to take the pics. Now I have to hound them all until they send them to me.
I figure that if one kid is dressed up, might as well clean them all and attempt a group shot. Poor Eric needs a haircut so badly but is refusing until after June 16. They have fun day at school and every year he misses out on the cool hair styles offered by a local hair styling school for 25c. He wants it as long as possible so he can finally have the sought after blue spikes his friends get.
And finally, my little 'lady'. Check out the undies...such class.


Nuclear Mom said...

Gorgeous! And I LOVE Emma's hair! It really becomes her.

Eric is getting so big and Abby is SUCH a cutey.

Jay said...

WOW so grown up!

Paloma said...

She's beautiful!! I love the dress, you're going to have to keep the men away for sure!!! (if not already)