Monday, June 23, 2008

Headless Bird?

Funny story. I walked into the spare bedroom the other day and saw this thing at the window. I figured it was a bird but I was making noise and it didnt move at all...which was I assumed it was dead. There isnt even a ledge out there for it to sit on so it was just odd.....a dead, stuck to the house bird? lol. I went up to the window to get a closer look and the side that you cant see was all red! It looked like a bird with its head chopped off. I'm serious, it creeped me out because it looked so real. I called Em to take a look and she agreed...gross headless bird that wouldnt move when we stomped and made noise at it. She wanted to see the gross red part so she leaned way in close to the window and the little shit popped its head up and scared the bejesus out of her, and me. We are weird. But I still think it looked like it had no head. And the red 'stump' I saw, was feathers...but they were bright red! lol


Paloma said...

You send me a picture of a movie called Kaw .. then the bird pics? What are you trying to do, make me have a bad dreams about headless, killer birds?!!

Paloma said...

Plus, it looks like it is wearing a cardigan!!

Nuclear Mom said...

LOL! Too funny!