Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets just pull up these few rose bushes....

Seriously, thats what he said. There was a huge cluster of wild roses in the spot under the tractor and I didnt mind the removal of them since they are a pain in the butt...and have thorns, attract bees and spread like wildfire. He started with those and continued to plow down/dig up everything in his path, for several hours. It's a good thing the tractor has headlights as he was out there til after 11pm. What a difference though. We dont really use the north side of our property because its so unkempt...was so unkempt. It's all leveled now and any tree/shrub that didnt tower over the tractor, is gone. So, what started out as 'Lets just pull up these few rose bushes...' has turned into much leveled land AND plans to borrow the tractor again next week, order a few loads of fill and topsoil, plow a path to the river and lord knows what else he has planned.

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