Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Little Things

Here I sit, it's 3am and I'm at work with nothing better to do but blog.
I left the house tonight feeling great because I had an awesome nap before work...Jerry took the kids to a bbq so the house was peaceful for 2 whole hours. Heaven. That got me thinking....I sometimes do that during the 20 minute drive to work...about all the little things that make me happy.

1. Uninterrupted naps.

deux. A good book, one that I am itching to get back at whenever its not in my hands.

c. A family meal. We rarely eat together anymore...either I'm rushing off to work or hubby isnt home from work yet....the rare times that we are all able to sit and eat together is nice.

1v. Sleeping kids. Not just because they're quiet....they look so sweet when they sleep. Love it!

5. A clean house. This is even more rare than the family meal but when it happens, I have warm fuzzies until it ends. Kinda pathetic huh? lol

six. Weight loss. Any amount is good and the number on the scale sets the tone for the day so loss=yay.

sieben. Picture it. A nice day, on the deck, watching the kids play quietly, a cold drink and a good book. Did this today, got sunburned but who cares...I was relaxed. Aaaahhhh.

8 1/2. Pammy/Tammy/Jo night at work. Never fails to amuse me and it doesnt even bother me that I have to work til 3am.

neuf. Future planning. Lately there have been short term plans like deck building and house renos but we're also looking at bigger long term things like house that stuff, especially when we agree on the things we want/like.

perfect 10. A romantic night with hubby and wine. nuff said.

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