Saturday, July 19, 2008

The return of Radioactive Girl....

I'm home. Discharged from the hospital yesterday. It was hideously boring. I truly thought I'd enjoy a little break from life. I mean c'mon...48 hours alone, in a quiet room with a ton of new books, movies and portable dvd player...sounds like heaven right? I was bored to tears! Every surface in the room was covered with some sort of plastic backed paper...tables, chair and even the floor. I spent a bit of time doodling...ok, so I totally redecorated the place. I'd sprawl out on the floor and draw pictures, house plans and little notes that prove I almost went insane. NO PEOPLE AND NO SALT MAKE JOEY GO CRAZY! lol. The guy from nuclear medicine thought it was amusing.
Anyhoo. I didnt get sick...just a few hours of nausea and the shakes. Now I have wicked stomach cramps and a sore neck (with a new bruise that just seemed to appear before my eyes) but as long as I'm not vomiting...all is well.

I am staying at home for the weekend since hubby has the kids camping. I'll leave before they return tomorrow...I can come back home on Wednesday for some much needed hugs.

FYI. This superhero thing doesnt seem to be working out. No powers yet. Perhaps I got one of the lame the ability to vaccuum really good or answer the phone before the first ring. Sucks..I really wanted invisibility.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!