Monday, July 28, 2008

Roughing it?

Ha. Not quite. I spent the weekend camping in my fathers yard. We had planned on going to a campground near his house but he talked us into staying in his save money and allow everyone to have a few drinks without having to travel. Sure, not problem. We figured we stay in the camper, do our own cooking and not impose. LOL. Woke up Sat. morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. My stepmother actually set the table and served ham, bacon, toutons, eggs, toast and fresh tea, coffee and juice. It was awesome but we had set up our camp kitchen outside for nothing. She promised to let hubby do the Sun. morning breakfast and I was given the task of preparing the Sat. night supper. Too funny. She started cooking Sat. evening...but did allow me to help a little. We had tbones, cedar plank salmon, cheddar smokies, twice baked potatoes, bbq ribs, broccoli, corn on the cob, mushrooms and onions and I think thats wait, fresh rolls and asparagus. Ok, thats it. She was a little upset that no one wanted to eat the cheesecake she had for dessert. A few hours later, while we sat outside by the fire with drinks, out she comes with crab legs, shrimp, nachos and salsa and a tray of cheese, polish sausage and crackers. I'm almost done forward to Sun. morning where hubby had planned to cook breakfast...she got up before everyone again and made steak and eggs (from the leftover tbones because you know it all didnt get eaten) and then there were other leftovers that needed to be cooked. God forbid you should have half a lb of bacon, or a hunk of unused frying ham in the fridge...and then there was that bit of touton dough that went unused the day before...and wait, whats a Sunday morning breakfast without fresh cinnamon buns?????

I will never be hungry again AND that 12 lb loss from the low iodine diet, is back...and then some.


Nuclear Mom said...

Ha! Sounds like my MIL!

Paloma said...

I'm so hungry now!!! My hubby would have been all over that :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I go camping in your dad's back yard, lol.