Sunday, July 13, 2008

Viruses suck! and other stories.

I am without a computer at home for a few days. I have a virus and nothing works. Grrrr. I plan on bringing it to the computer guys in the morning but they never have it ready on the same if all goes well, by Tuesday. After that I dont care as long as its back in the house by Fri. evening when I 'hopefully' return from the hospital.

Tomorrow I have to be at my Dr.'s office by 8am for pregnancy tests...blood and urine. Why cant they just take my word for it? Then off to the hospital for an injection of some sort...then to the dentist for an extraction, then grocery shopping, home for an hour or so, then off to work. Not looking forward to it. I hate being busy. Back to the hospital on Tues. for another injection (note to self: find out what they are injecting me with. lol) and then I'll be admitted on Wed. Not sure how the radioactive iodine is administered.
Got my radioactive time all worked out. Hospital for 2-3 days, home for 2 (Jerry will be camping with the kids) and then off to my sisters for the remainder of my sentence. If I'm sick, she'll leave me alone...if I'm not sick, I can forage through her store and find goodies for me.

***Jay (aka Gertrude), I got your card today! Thanks so much. =o)

Blanche...hope you're feeling better. Try not to miss me too much.

Paloma...I know you'll miss me terribly. Hope you can survive during my absence.


Paloma said...

Miss you already .... just channel your pain to me through espn lol :)

Jay said...

You are welcome! I sent it a little early as I wasn't sure where you'd be, when. I hope you have the 'puter back soon!And that ther treatment this isn't as bad as it sounds. What was that about Spider man I heard? He has radioactive blood. . how'd you look in a spidy girl suit?