Friday, July 11, 2008

Worried, me? Nah.

Perhaps a little. The teenager caused me some stress this evening. She asked to be dropped off at a friends at noon today and I was to pick her up around supper time. Called on her cell and she asked if she could stay later..sure, no prob. I told her I'd call around 9 as I had to go somewhere and would get her along the way. No answer. Called again and again and, well, you get the idea. She has NEVER not answered her's her lifeline. Sent hubby out to find her and she wasnt at either of the 3 friends houses she'd said she 'might' be at. Still no answer. So, for a little over an hour I had the pleasure of worrying myself sick....not a nice feeling and I have got to call my mom and apoligize for doing this to her so many times. Finally the little bugger calls...she was swimming at another friends and left the phone somewhere. I'm a tad pissed. I know there will be many many many more nights of worry over the next few years (and according to my mom, forever since the worry never ends) so I might have to start drinking now.

6 days til I go get radioactive. I'm trying to arrange life before I go so that things run smoothly in my absence. This isnt working as well as I had planned. Hubby is working 2 jobs...5am-10pm most days. Trying not to take advantage of the teenager/babysitter but I think we might have to. There'll be big bucks in it for her if she does it without complaint but it's still too much to ask....6 very long days of babysitting. I just realized that the 16th isnt that far away...must get something worked out.

Thats it. Well now, I dont have as much to worry about as I thought. Yay me.


Nuclear Mom said...

I remember being a teenage girl. I think I should go apologize to my mom again so that I am not totally cursed when Skadi reaches that age.

I wish I were there to help you out after your treatment. Use the teenager... when she is older she will understand.

Geoff Meeker said...

That which we visit upon our parents, comes back around 20 years later for an uninvited reunion. And the grandparents sit back, smile knowingly and say, 'payback time!'

Anonymous said...

Ah, I dread the teenage years. Glad it was needless worry;o)

Good luck lining everything out. Wish I were closer to lend a hand. I'm sure your oldest will understand you all needing her help. Just do it.

Paloma said...

I don't think my mother knew where I was half the time when I was a teenager. Emma's a good kid, at least it wasn't a major slip up!

On another note, I don't think Emma would mind being "used" as a babysitter while you get your treatment. I bet she's concerned and will do what she has to to help out her mom :)