Thursday, July 03, 2008

We're Back!

Ok, so we actually got back on Monday but I havent had the time, or inclination to blog. I'm here now though. =o)
The weather on our camping trip was horrible....cold and rainy all.the.time. The nights were fun as the rain usually stopped and we could sit around the campfire with marshmallows and weiners....and wine! lol. Daytime was a tad hellish in my opinion. Hubby and the kids had fun...myself and Em holed up in the camper most of the time with books. I did manage one hike and a visit to the marine interpretation to follow...but it seemed like a waste of gas to me. I got sick on Monday and basically whined until we came home. lol. So thats it. I'm quite busy now with party planning..Abby's bday is on Sat and I havent got a thing done for the party yet. Stay tuned for tons of pics in the next few days.

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Paloma said...

Sorry to hear your whining cut your trip short! (lol of course)

When you coming back to work?