Sunday, July 06, 2008


Abby's actual birthday was June 25th but we waited until yesterday to have her party...good thing too because the weather last weekend was horrible and yesterday was perfect. We did a little mini carnival with lots of prizes. There was a fish pond, tattoo parlor, inflatable jumpy castle, trampoline, guess the jellybeans,penny toss game plus regular backyard toys. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves. Here are a few random order since I uploaded backwards. lol. The tattoo on Em's leg is drawn on with a sharpie


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! Birthday girl was worn out. Very impressed with the talent of the Sharpie tattoo.

Jay said...

The little one has gotten so grown up! How did THAT happen!

Em's hair looks sweet- and the Tatoo is awsome- I like "sharpie" tatoos.

My old boss had a similar one on her shoulder blade and I helped her find a swank evening gown that DIDN'T show it for a corporate function . . you never know what the future holds