Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping in Hell =o)

Spent the weekend camping at a nearby campground. If it wasnt for the company, I would have packed up and left the first night. Folks singing kareoke til 4am, as lovely as it was, makes it a little difficult to sleep. Plus they wouldnt let me sing so I was pissed off . =o)
It wasnt all bad...the kids had some fun at the pond and I had a much needed few drinks. I wont take the kids there again but the place is definetly in the running when we plan a Pammy/Tammy/Jo night in the woo!

Here are a few pics...Tammy's boy Christopher and nephew Austin. Chris is on the right.
Abby and Eric playing in the water and Abby with her fish in a bucket. She named the fish Freddy Jones. Cute.

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Paloma said...

That's a nice pic of Christopher and Austin .. too bad they look like they're p-o'd!! Can you send me that one?!!