Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Do List

Since Nuclear Mom is getting back at her projects I figured I'd do the same. There's no time like the present.
I cut back my hours at work so I now only work 7 days in a pay period (2 wks)...this should give me more time to spend at home getting things done. The kids will be back in school next week and Miss Abby is going to preschool...only for 2 half days per week to start.

The bathroom off the master is a mess. I tore off the pine panelling, removed the built in shelves and medicine cabinet and sink while I was at home radioactive. Hubby has since taken out the toilet and started tearing off gyproc. Nothing has been touched in weeks though. Right outside my kitchen there is a little room where i have been piling stuff. New vanity/sink, pretty accessories, a toilet in a box etc. I am all ready to finish this and it wont cost much...just need to find the time. My goal, by the end of Sept. this will be done.

Next up is my nice living room. It was finished a few years ago and now needs to be touched up (plaster) and repainted and the ceiling needs work because of a leak in the upstairs bath. I'm thinking I might try and do this in Sept. as well, while I wait for hubby to do the plumbing and electrical in the bathroom...but I'll set my goal for Oct. just in case I lack the enthusism that I'm feeling right now.

The main hallway is in desperate need of a paint job since Miss Abby scribbled all over the walls in pencil 2 freaking years ago!!!! It isnt very noticable and I scrubbed most of it but it still looks bad. The carpet in the hallway and up the stairs needs to be replaced too...before I paint...so I'll be generous and set this goal for anytime before Christmas.

There are plenty of other little things that need to be done, smaller paint jobs refreshed, furniture rearranged etc. that I dont need to set goals to do. I know they'll get done in between bigger jobs.
Now, all I need is to get hubby out of the vegetable garden and into the house....and willing to work.

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Anonymous said...

One of these days, I'll get the inspiration from you & NM to do the same in my house. Good luck with your projects!