Monday, September 22, 2008

Bottom of the List

I'm only blogging right now because my blog keeps moving down the list that Nuclearmom has on her blog. I wanna be at the top! lol

Not much to blog about lately. Kids are great and loving school. Emma kidnapped a cardboard character from her grade 9 teachers classroom..its about 3ft high and is named Pierre. She created a girlfriend named Brigitte (who is dressed as a french maid) and pulled a Beaver Hat with them. lol. She's my kid for sure. She brought them places, posed them, sent them on a date etc and took many pictures. She created a facebook page for him and is going to send her teacher the link when its done...I think there will be a ransom involved.
Abby loves preschool. I had to pick her up early today because she threw up all over herself...and bad mommy left her change of clothes in the van. She's napping now.
Eric is Eric. He just joined cross country running and bowling and is eagerly awaiting the ripeness of his pumpkins so he can start making some money.
Work is crap. Many issues this week that really made me want to leave but I need to give it some more thought since it has many plusses too.

Projects. Ugh. Hubby has been sooo busy with work and the savory harvesting that nothing is getting done. The master bath hasnt been touched at all. The living room might get done in Sept. as's been plastered and sanded so all it needs is painting and a few built in shelves.
I'm hoping to get my part done this week....only if he finishes his stuff though.

Thats it. Nothing else going on here....but I'm at the top of the list now so I'm happy.

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Nuclear Mom said...

LOL! I am laughing.

And thrilled because I needed new reading material!