Friday, September 26, 2008

Fed Up

If I cant get hubby to do the little things, how on earth will I convince him to do the big stuff???? I cleaned the yard today...some of it...and started putting summer toys away in the basement...the basement that he was working on 6 months ago that isnt done yet. Seriously, there is a few hours of work down there to be done and then I'll have a clean, dry, stink free basement. A few freakin' hours! I'm afraid to say anything because the living room furniture is piled up in the middle of the living room and overflow is in the hallway...I would love to get that taken care of first and if I mention basement, he might actually do it. The man only has one job in him so I need to choose wisely. My plan is to spend tomorrow painting the living room. I'm one of those start to finish people so it'll be done....IF I can get him to finish the few little things he needs to do first...BUT...he's working on the oil truck AND in the garden so he isnt home long enough to do anything here. Did I mention that my little red car, that we badly need to use, is still sitting in the driveway, broken. If I suggest garage, he says he'll do it. See my problem? I should just have a drink instead.


Paloma said...

Can I offer some help?!

Anonymous said...

I so hear ya! Good luck getting some things done.