Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy thoughts

I had a full body scan back in late July (when the radioactive iodine was done...4 days later in fact). I didnt bother with getting results since I had an appt. for today and I have the patience of a saint. =o) Went to the doctor today and the whole thyroid thing is cancer bits...treatment worked fine. But...there is a suspicious spot on my hip that needs further investigation. No prob, schedule something and let me know. The Doctor didnt seem overly concerned so I expected a typical few months wait. He told me his secretary would call me with the appt time by the end of the day. I got home at 1:55 the phone rings and my appt. is tomorrow morning for an xray and bone density scan. Part of me is thinking how lucky to get such a quick appt....the other part is wondering if there was a reason behind the rush. Fingers crossed/Happy thoughts. I'll be a basket case since the results take 2-3 weeks.

Update- went to my appt. yesterday morning. It was for 9am so I got a sitter and fully expected to be home by 11-11:30. Go to nuclear medicine only to discover I need a shot of something and then have to come back at noon for the scan! I am the worst patient ever. I dont even ask what I'm being injected trust. They know what they're doing. lol. Got the shot and then went for the hip/pelvis xray...then I sat in the van for a while reading until I spotted hubby in the oil truck (he delivers oil to the hospital) so we had a chat for a while. Finally got back in for the scan...which took 30 min. Didnt realize that...again, not a question asker. lol. Lying perfectly still for that long is sooooo hard but I managed to close my eyes and doze a little.
**confession time** I totally stole the scrubs pants I was given for my xray. They were so comfy I just couldnt leave them there all alone in that sad little dressing room.


Nuclear Mom said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you!

Jay said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you too!

Paloma said...


You didn't tell me what the appointment was for ... fingers crossed for you xox

Anonymous said...

Also thinking happy thoughts for you!