Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Abby (aka-Mr.Wonka)

You are probably thinking that this is Abby...not so. It's Mr.Willy Wonka. She looks for her hat the minute she opens her eyes in the morning and wears it almost all the time. I pry it off of her head for school (the cane and wonkavision glasses are also necessary accessories). She seriously thinks she is fooling me when she puts this on....I have to address her as Mr.Wonka...if I call her Abby while she is in Wonka mode, she looks around and says Abby isnt here. lol.

Abby funny.

Yesterday I was having supper with the kids.

Abby: Santa Claus is going to bring me a Serious Ming Ming.

Mommy: If you're good he will, bad kids get dirt. (I know, I'm mean)

Abby: I'm a good kid like Charlie Bucket (good kid in Willy Wonka movie..the rest are rotten)
....Eric is a good boy too and you Mommy, you're good.

***phew, good thing because I seriously dont want dirt***

Emma: What about me Abby? Am I a good kid?

Abby: No, you're a mental patient. *laughs hysterically*

I dont know where she gets it! Honest I dont!


Nuclear Mom said...

Ha! She is a riot!

Anonymous said...

She is a hoot! LOL

Jay said...

What an imagination!
This girl is a hoot!!!

Paloma said...

Gee, I wonder where she gets it from??? It's not like her mother has the mouth of a saint lol ;)