Thursday, November 06, 2008

Productive Girl

That's my new superhero name. I have a few days off and am really making the most of it. I usually sit around on the computer waiting for bursts of energy that never come. Not so this time. I've been hauling around furniture, tearing up carpet and floors etc etc and I've only just begun! Tomorrow I'll attack the pantry. It isnt a 'real''s a 4x4 (or maybe a bit bigger) closet in the porch. It's not insulated so its cold and where I should be storing my veggies....especially since we get them for free and should be hoarding. I keep coats and boots there too....among other things. So, tomorrow I'd like to put away all things summer, clean and paint the inside, pick up some bins (one for everyone to keep hats/mitts etc in) and some for veggies. Perhaps there'll even be room for some of the things I buy in bulk.
Carpet shopping next week! I'm setting a date/time for installation and that should be motivation enough for hubby to level the floor and get it ready.
Love progress! Love having a few days off in a row to progress! This place will soooooo be ready for Christmas.

Managed to get Em to stay still for 5 minutes for pictures. Still havent pinned the boy down but dammit I will! He cant hide from the camera forever.


Nuclear Mom said...

I am jealous! My productivity has been seriously hampered this last week. Though I will give kudos for my MIL cleaning and organizing my garage yesterday and finishing today. One less thing I have to prompt Hans to do!

Anonymous said...

Productive Girl sounds like a very good name for you! Can you pass along some of those "vibes" to get me more productive? Way to go!