Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is it?

November is what I'm referring to. Holy crap! It seems like it was October, I blinked, and now its just under 4 weeks to the big day!
I'm doing pretty good as far as shopping goes. I always try to get ahead of the game but time and money restraints usually put a stop to that....which leaves me scrambling every year around Dec. 20th with very little done. This year, not gonna happen. I have the majority of the gifts bought and just as soon as I get rid of the kids for a night and remember to buy scotch tape, I'll start wrapping. I'm decorating a room at a time instead of waiting for our little reno project to be over..might as well make the finished rooms look pretty so I have somewhere to hide when I'm tearing my hair out of the mess of gyproc dust everywhere else. I put a birch tree in the family room (just a branch, not a whole tree. lol) and a few little pretties around....the nice living room is next..maybe tomorrow..and for the first time in the history of my children, I'm letting one have a party. Emma wants to invite a few friends up for a holiday party on the 20th and I said yes. Still trying to figure out what she did to make me say yes....something in my drink perhaps? Since we'll have new light colored carpet I decided to let her decorate the apartment and have it there instead of the main part of the house...that way I wont care about the mess because I wont see it. Smart me.
The main hallway is just about done...plaster is finished and I need to paint, then the carpet guys will come and I can decorate everything else. Pictures will be posted.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics. I'm with you on "where did November go?" But sounds like you've gotten a lot done.