Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been too long..

Far too long since I last blogged.
Life has been busy but its all starting to get back to normal now..as normal as my life can get.
I'm currently decking the halls...way too early...fa la la la la, la la la la. I needed a little pick me up and the best way to do that, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with things that make you smile..so I am. It's kind of sad that some of my favorite things are seasonal items that have to be put away for most of the year...but I guess I would get sick of them if they were out all the time and then wouldnt really be my favorites anymore..right? =o)

A conversation with Abby.
*put on new pink pj's*

Abby: Eric's girlfriend has pink pants like mine.
Me: *intrigued* Really? Eric has a girlfriend...what does she look like?
Abby: *looking at me like I'm a complete moron* Uh, she has pink pants mom.
Me: What color is her hair?
Abby: Yellow, like tinkerbell
Me: What else can you tell me about her?
Abby: She has 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, lots of hair...oh, and a head.

Love that kid.

Really going to try to do this at blogging thing once a week...shouldnt be hard. I know, I've said that before...but I'm unemployed now so free time is something I have an abundance of...I just need some interesting things to blog about. Screw it, I'll make it all up. ;o) Stay tuned.

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