Monday, November 30, 2009

"THE" House

Finally, after many internet searches, house plan books, doodles/sketches and fights...we have decided on a house plan. Work will begin, hopefully, in all depends on how bad our winter is. Jerry is figuring it can be done in 4 months. **happy dance**

This is the online version...we will be making a few minor changes and it will have a full basement with Em's room, full bath, rec room, entrance, porch and office.

I'm definetly going with stone on the front it.


Terri said...

But it looks so... you know... how do you say it? Normal. I mean, did you take a second look at all those places we checked out this summer? Especially the "Buy And Sell" place Jerry liked? LOL :P J/k, looks great, congrats!

Nuclear Mom said...

I love it! It will be so fun to fix it up in your style!

Jay said...

How wonderful!

nadinebc said...

Jo, how are things coming along?