Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epic Fail

I just went back and read last years New Years failed big time. In fact, I didnt even realize I failed until I was thinking about this years resolutions and noticed..they're the same as last years! lol

Soooo, this year will be skinny year and I will start scrapbooking again. Last year I was determined to finally go on a honeymoon but life got in the way. I'm ok with it now but its not looking like we'll be vacationing anytime in the near future since this year we'll be *fingers crossed* building a house. I am also doing the monthly goal thing again. This worked last year even if I didnt meet every goal on time.

Feb. goal....keepin' it real. Lose 5lbs.
30 min. daily wii workout.
get our land surveyed
get taxes done. This is a big one for me since in the past I have filed very
August late. I dont know why I do this since I usually have my t4's and everything all
ready to go. I'm just a slacker I guess.
Go on a date with my husband AND each of the kids, seperately.
Everyone needs some one on one time.

Thats it. Nothing major. How hard can it be?

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Nuclear Mom said...

Good goals! I have been doing the Wii Fit daily too and really enjoying it. Hoping I can keep the momentum going.