Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ahhh, a nice relaxing day off

No work today! I picked up a bunch of extra shifts but left today free because I figured I'd need the break. I got to sleep in until 9! Had breakfast, got myself and Abby dressed and went grocery shopping. Left her with my sis in law while I did my 30 mins. at curves and then came home to put away the food. We are going to start demolishing our kitchen soon, so I had to move everything into the smaller kitchen next to it. Fitting food, dishes, pots/pans etc etc into 5 cupboards is NOT POSSIBLE! I did my best and will have to have a yard sale at some point as this process showed me what I really cant live without, and the rest is junk. I mowed the lawn, washed/dried and put away 4 loads of laundry and vacuumed tidied while I was vacuuming. Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for supper (I had a lean cuisine) and then headed out to Home Depot to look at cabinets. I really wanted the middle of the line ones but I think we're going to go cheaper as we're selling the house eventually and I just cant bear to put too much into it. I think I picked some decent we need to measure and order. Then to Walmart for sandals...Abby is growing too fast! Finally got home and had to make lunches, get the kids bathed and into bed, did one more load of laundry (I'm waiting for it to dry now so I can get my clothes ready for work tomorrow) and then I'm off to bed. 5am comes too soon. It's so good to get a day off every now and then to just relax, take things easy and recharge. Ahhh, life is good.

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Nuclear Mom said...

New sandals... that is on my list for this morning for Leif. That kids feet grow like weeds! We are only about a month into "summer" and his big toe already hangs over his current sandals. Freaky!