Saturday, September 30, 2006

A lame entry, because I have no imagination

Working, again. I am so tired. I worked the overnight last night. Got home at 7:30 but had to stay up until I got Eric off to school. Crawled in my bed at 8:30 and slept until my little princess woke up at 10. I managed another 30 min nap before I had to come back to work but I am exhausted. Thank God I'm off for several days.
I have a whole bunch of plans for my time off. I dont think we'll get to do everything but I'll be pissed if we dont get to do any family stuff as my time off will be wasted....yet again. Jerry and I are going to see if we can put a huge dent in the kitchen renovation too. He's been too busy lately to make any progress and we're having a party next weekend so that's our motivation. It doesnt have to be finished because we have another kitchen, and its an outdoor party...but if it rains, I'd rather not have guests tracking plaster dust through the house. I'll be praying for decent weather. Chilly is ok, just not wet.
I am uber excited about tomorrow night. Hubby gets his birthday gift from me! I'm making a kickass romantic dinner for two..thats right, two, not five! The kids are sleeping over at my mothers. This has NEVER happened. I've gotten rid of one or two but 3??? Wow, a dream come true. lol. I wont say what his gift will be but it'll be damn good.

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