Friday, March 09, 2007

Urge to kill, rising!

I dont know if I will make it through the teenage years. I feel so bad now for what I did to my mother. I'm sure she was sane before I hit age 13.
Em was caught skipping school...not once, not twice, but 8 times! Skeevy teenage boy lives across the street from the convenient...and this is where she spent those days. Report cards came home yesterday and her grades show just how much interest she has in skeevy vs. schoolwork. Failed math, failed social studies, both core subjects. Science and religion..she went from 90's last term to 50's. She felt the need to point out how well she did in phys. ed, home ec and music. I almost throttled her. She has been banned from tv, computer, friends, phone and ipod since I found out about the skipping school but she still found her ipod and took it to school the other day. She had to use the computer to charge the battery and while she was at it, she checked her email. Last night she used the phone when I went to Eric's parent teacher meeting. This is why mothers drink.

I came up with some very interesting new punishment ideas last night and laid it all out for her. She does good, she gradually gets back what she lost...she does bad, she loses more. She insisted that she lost everything thats important already but I made a list. Next to go, the nosering, then the guitar, stereo and my favorite...her hair! Ha! I told her that I'll give her a bowl cut. Then the stylish clothes. I'll sell her Converse all stars on ebay and buy her $7 walmart sneakers with velcro. Oh yeah, the haircut, the shoes....she'll be the most popular girl in school.


Nuclear Mom said...

Oh you are good! Hair... I would have never thought about that.

Don't forget the bedroom door. I read somewhere that losing the bedroom door was an ultimate punishment for a teenager. ;) It would have probably killed me.

Good luck... and enjoy your bottle tonight. ;)

Nuclear Mom said...

Oh and one of the women I work with has having problems with her teenaged daughter. She threatened to quit her job and tail her daughter everywhere, even to school. Said she was positive the teachers would have no problem with her sitting in to make sure she was there.

She then reminded her that if she quit her job that meant no extras and going back on public assistance. But she had no problem doing that. I know Mel pretty well... she would have followed through too. (I also know her work and know our boss would have hired her back as soon as things straightened out.)

Gertrude said...

don't forget taking the hair dryer away from her. .
By now of course I really hope you are able to give things back to her;o)

Andrew said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Hope everything works out, and I hope these teenager years don't put you in AA. Good luck.