Monday, April 02, 2007

Potty Pictures? Soon!

I am finally getting a digital camera. Nothing fancy, but a camera nonetheless. I have been waiting for hubby to get me one...Christmas, my birthday, mothers day and no camera, for 3 years, so I'll get my own. Checked out a few at Shopper's Drugs the other day and it works out that I can get the one in the link below, for pretty much nothing! Gotta love Shoppers Optimum points. I'll end up paying $30 or so. I'm sure everyone will be quite annoyed with the multiple daily pics I'll be posting/emailing. =o) Who wants to see pics of Abby on her potty? Ha! It will all be possible in a few short days. *Gotta do one more shopping trip to up the points to the next reward level*

Speaking of Abby on the potty......ummm, not going so good. She'll be 3 on June 25th and I would like to have the whole process complete by her birthday. Emma was trained before she was 2, Eric, shortly after his 3rd birthday. I'm not 'seriously' training yet but for the past few days I've been letting the princess go around in her undies and we've spent some quality time reading stories while she sits on her princess potty. All I need is one pee in the potty to make this work. Just once and I will make such a huge deal out of it, buy her presents, give her chocolate, whatever her little heart desires that she'll only want to do it more...right?
This is what worked with the other two so I'm hoping it will for her as well.

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Nuclear Mom said...

Good luck!! And if you figure out something that works for poop training let me know!