Friday, April 13, 2007

Ocean front property?

I took Abby out for a walk around the garden today. We still have a fair amount of snow but only where hubby plowed it into huge piles over the winter. We were finally able to get to the path that leads to our little river so off we went, armed with pockets full of rocks and my camera. Abby was delighted! She liked the spiders that 'swim' on the water more than the trout or clams but throwing rocks was even better. Sadly, she cant throw worth shit. One rock landed a mere inch from the water so she leaned in to get it and 'SPLASH'...face first into the icy cold water. She cried for a minute but on the way up the driveway she sniffled and said "I fall in the ocean...I'm okay, I'm OKAY". She came straight in the house and told Em about her fall in the ocean, then we had to phone daddy so he could hear too. She is quite the drama queen but kept insisting that she is okay, so I guess she wasnt traumatized. We'll go back to the river later for more pics.

It would have been cruel to take a pic of her IN the I didnt...but I did take a few of her today and am feeling the need to share.

I took the dog one at our neighbors house yesterday. I have the best neighbors ever.


Karen said...

Awwww, poor Abby! But I love her hat and she is so cute!

Nuclear Mom said...

Love the pictures, wow is she cute! Leif loves throwing rocks in the streams and the river too and like Abby his throwing arm sucks. He is getting balls and sporting equipment this summer.

Pat said...

What a wonderful hat! I'd sure love the pattern for that one!

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