Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No time!

So I did buy a digital camera. Not the one I wrote about previously...I got a better deal on a slightly better camera. Kodak easyshare c663, or something like that. I love it for its ease of use! I am technologically/electronically challenged so this is perfect for me. I have take a few recent pics of the kids and updated our family for anyone who cares.

I have been spending much of my free time helping my family with a fundraiser for my nephew. While I love Canada's health system, it has its faults. My nephew has to go to Boston for a new 'experimental' treatment and then back to Toronto for several surgeries. He is expected to be gone for 2-3 months. We dont pay for treatment but there is very little help with travel expenses. Several months away from home can be costly so we do have to raise some $ for the trip. We have a few local bands playing a benefit dance this weekend with oodles of donated prizes to sell tickets on. I'm hoping for a decent turn out and a good time for myself as well since I havent been out dancing in years.

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