Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back at it

Lookie what I got! I thought I deserved a little treat. I really shouldnt be spending right now because I ran out of paid leave last week but these are pretty and my collection has been neglected for a while now. For both with shipping was only around $30...I'd spend that on a good feed of Chinese (if I had an appetite) so I dont feel too bad.

I feel like shit. But thats no excuse. My house is a mess and none of the projects that I had planned on doing are getting done. Ok, so the whole hospital thing sort of put a damper on things but I'm back now! There are limits to what I can do right now....no heavy lifting or stretching are the biggies and I'm like a toy with cheap batteries. I can go go go for a short period but then I collapse from exhaustion and have to recharge before I can go again. If I work around these issues there is no reason why I cant get my January project done before the end of February. So...Feb.= Family Room. March=Abby's room. Recuperating is for wimps!

Btw: Abby has an appt. next week for professional pics. Stay tuned!!!


Nuclear Mom said...

Pretty! And yes, you deserve them after surgery.

Good luck on your projects. I started on Leif's closet and wish I had a few weekends to do it. My biggest problem is I want to do this stuff while he sleeps so I don't have help. But I can't do this task while he sleeps. Ugh. It is going to get done half assed in the name of simply getting it done I fear.

nadinebc said...

How long have you been collecting these?

Jo said...

About 15 years. Most arent these pretty and many have been broken over time. This is only the second time I've bought eggs for myself.